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MAS female CEO smiling at podium, giving speech during event indoors
MAS CEO Susan Kohler

Looking Forward: The Future of Aging in Missoula

What would the Missoula Community look like in 20 years if older adults were able to age with confidence and without fear?

That is the question we asked 132 individuals, including 18 community leaders and nine community partner focus groups over the past year as MAS began work on our next strategic plan. Using a non-traditional approach to strategic planning, we took on the challenge of imagining what that future would look like, determining what changes must happen to have a transformative impact on older adults in our community, and identifying the change pathways that will take us from here to there.

Ultimately, we defined transformative impact as: 
When we shift how we see and value older adults and understand aging as a vital part of living that we all experience, we are empowered to improve the well-being of everyone as we age.

With transformative impact as the desired result, we identified the following strategic pathways for change, each with long-term goals:
Accessibility: Our community accommodates everyone’s aging journey.
Autonomy: Older adults are supported to live the lives and experience the death of their choosing.
Culture: We value aging and our elders through our words and actions.
Security: Aging is affordable for all.
Well-being: Health and quality of life are improved for all aging adults.

Beginning in July 2024, we will add specific strategies for moving forward over the next three years, focusing on advocacy, education, services, and resources. This plan starts with MAS, but its ultimate success depends on community champions and partners who share the vision and are committed to working together to make it real.
I look forward to sharing updates with you on our progress and invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we work toward making our vision a reality.

Click here to see a brief overview of our strategic plan.