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September 1, 2021

Linda Howard, Seeley-Swan Resource Specialist at MAS

Now that temperatures are dipping it is once again time to consider applying for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) and Weatherization.

Fall is the Time to Weatherize

The State of Montana, through the Department of Public Health and Human Services, offers two programs to help individuals reduce their heating costs. LIEAP pays part of winter energy bills for eligible people, and the Weatherization Program helps participants improve the heating efficiency of their homes and thus reduce energy consumption.

When & Where to Apply

The LIEAP application is available to submit if your heat source is electric or natural gas during the heating season which is October 1 through April 30. However, if your fuel is a deliverable (propane, wood, fuel oil, or diesel) you may apply beginning September 1st. If you’ve had LIEAP in the past and have not moved, you will automatically be sent a LIEAP application. You can obtain a LIEAP application in two ways:

1.       Download at:

2.       Call and request an application be mailed to you by contacting the District XI Human Resources Council in Missoula (406) 728-3710.

Completed applications must be submitted to District XI Human Resources Council at 1801 South Higgins, Missoula, MT 59801. If you have any questions, please call (406) 728-3710.  

You may apply for weatherization assistance or an emergency with a furnace and/or possibly hot water heater at any time during the year. Contact the District XI Human Resources Council in Missoula (406)728-3710 immediately if you have a home heating emergency.

Who Is Eligible?

Benefit is determined by the type of fuel, type of dwelling, number of persons living in the home, and the amount of gross income earned by all persons living in the home regardless of relationship. Eligibility is based on your income and resource limits. For example, a 1-person household can have a yearly income of $27,282 or less and resources of $12,043 or less; a 2-person household can have a yearly income of $35,676 or less and resources of $18,071 or less and be eligible.

Both homeowners and renters may apply for these programs.

Documentation required includes photocopies of:

·         Identification proving citizenship (social security card, birth certificate or legal entry as a permanent resident) for all persons living at this address.

·         Photo ID for everyone living at the address.

·         Copies of most recent home energy bill(s) showing name, current service address and account numbers for all fuel types.

·         Proof of all gross income for all persons now living in the home for a 3-month period ending with the last day of the month before you apply.

·         Proof of the value of resources and business equity, including complete current bank account statements.

·         Proof of all out-of-pocket health insurance premiums paid by a household member for a household member.

·         Households whose heat is included in their rent will have to provide paid rent receipts and a statement from your landlord.

For help completing the LIEAP and Weatherization application please call (406)728-7682 and ask to speak to the Resource Center.

We will be happy to assist you!