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Missoula Aging Services is participating in Missoula Gives, a local giving day organized by the Missoula Community Foundation to highlight the good work done by Missoula nonprofits and the generosity of our community. 

How can I be a part of Missoula Gives?

First, we encourage you to make a gift to Missoula Aging Services during Missoula Gives. Donations of even $5 are greatly appreciated and meaningful during #MissoulaGives, because they increase our eligibility to share in the "stretch pool" of Missoula Gives funds. Missoula Gives begins at 5pm on May 6th, and wraps up at 7pm on May 7th.

Second, we are hopeful that everyone who is passionate about our mission at Missoula Aging Services will help us spread the word. We invite you to visit MissoulaGives this week, to like/share our social media posts, and encourage friends and family to donate.

All donations through Missoula Gives go to support programs for older adults and those who care for them, right here in Missoula County. Services like Meals on Wheels, Family Caregiver Support, and Veteran Directed Care empower older adults to continue living independently in their own homes.  Missoula Aging Services also recruits and trains volunteers who serve with local schools and organizations. By sharing their time and talents, they make our community a better place to live. 

Thank you so very much for joining the community-wide day of giving!

Best wishes,

Susan Kohler, CEO
Missoula Aging Services