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Providing Friendship and Preventing Isolation

The Caring Companion Program at Missoula Aging Services (MAS) has an immediate need for more volunteers. The program, aimed at helping older adults with daily living tasks and providing social connections, has grown in popularity over the past year and is looking to the community to find more volunteers to meet the increased need for services.

Caring Companion volunteers support various activities in an older adult’s life which helps many remain living independently in their homes. Some activities include helping with medical appointments and grocery shopping, providing transportation for errands, assisting with food preparation, taking walks together, relaxing by playing games or doing crafts, and helping sort and read mail. In many cases, this support also provides respite for primary caregivers. Caring Companions make regular visits to older adults in the Missoula area and commit to volunteering a minimum of two hours per week for one year.

“We find that many older adults have trouble with daily tasks, which can make a difference in their ability to live independently at home. Caring Companion volunteers help fill those gaps and help with social isolation which is very common as we age,” shared Nancy Kral, Caring Companion Coordinator for MAS.

There are older adults currently waiting to be matched with a Caring Companion volunteer in Missoula County. Volunteers can receive additional training to volunteer with clients living with dementia. If you or someone you know would enjoy volunteering for MAS as a Caring Companion, please call Missoula Aging Services at (406) 728-7682